Ceramic Facades

November 4, 2018

In the non-passive view of the building, porcelain dry ceramics can be used as a modern building coating. ceramics facade should have sufficient strength and minimum water absorption. Porcelain Dry Ceramic has two types of hollows (between empty) and filled. Durable porcelain ceramic is lighter and better insulation because of empty holes in their thickness.
Dry ceramic installation methods are categorized in visible and non-visible ways.
In this method, porcelain dry ceramic tiles are attached With Stainless Steel Clips to substructure aluminum rails at specified intervals.
2.KAIL system
In this method, porcelain dry ceramics are connected to special horizontal aluminum rails by means of special aluminum joints called clamps.
3.Groove system
In this method, first, the slider is fitted automatically by the machine on the back of the ceramics And then the clamps are tightened by the bumps that are bolted through the special adhesive within these grooves.
The ceramics are then placed on the rails through the clamp and strapped on the ramp by means of a screw on the clamp.