Curtain wall

November 4, 2018
facede system

Curtain Wall is one of the modern facades. curtain wall includes self-static structure and in addition to its weight and side pressure do not bear any other load of the building. the curtain wall is a structure that consists of aluminum profiles and different covering material such as glass, composite spandrel glasses, aluminum sheet and etc.

curtain wall systems include :

1-Face cap system :
in this system, glass is attached on an aluminum structure and cap profiles hold the glass from outside. aluminum caps are displayed on the facade and give it a beautiful appearance as architectural lines. these caps come in different shapes and colors.
2-frameless systems
in this system, the aluminum structure holds glasses from behind and glasses fixed on the structure in the following types. what makes this system special is its appearance which does not display any caps as opposed to Face cap system. the spaces between the glasses are filled with black silicon glues.
In this dual-glazing system, glasses should be made with silicone glue. which ultimately will increase the price of the glass used.

A. frameless U-Channel system
U-channel system is the most economical type of curtain wall.
In this system, the aluminum caps doesn’t display on the facade and it will be more integrated.

B. Frameless System Installed on Frame
Installed on Frame system or stick, consist of aluminum frames which stuck on the glass. in this system, aluminum frames transferred to glass production factory and glasses will be attached on aluminum frames.
this system has a higher strength and resistance to side pressures comparing to the U-channel system.

3.Unitized system
In this system, facade units such as prefabricated panels are manufactured at the factory and after complete assembly of profiles, rubbers, fittings, glasses, and ceramic or composites and etc, units which are ready to initializing, Transmitted to the building site and placed in their specific area next to the installed fittings on Building structure. the advantages of this system, high speed, better quality control on assembling and production, reduce the cost of the local installation.